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Are You a Jealous Lover?
Published By vijayanths on 2012-08-22 138 Views

So, why are people jealous? Is jealousy a sign of true love? Or is jealousy in relationship bad? When you are in love with your man/woman with all your heart and soul, is it not quite natural to get a bit possessive about him/her? Jealousy to some extent is absolutely acceptable in a relationship. How to know you are a jealous lover or not. Please keep reading…

Why do you get jealous? It’s quite normal that when you love someone deeply, you will become a little possessive about them. If you can let your man/woman flirt with others freely, you may not love your man/woman profoundly. As you value your man/woman so much, you get this insecure feeling called jealousy. For example, when you are going out with your man/woman and if some stranger looks at your man/woman you may get slightly jealous even though they can’t become a threat for your relationship. It’s because you value your man/woman so much that you get a bit jealous that time.

How to know it’s a healthy jealousy: If your partner values you so much, and if they can’t tolerate your flirting with others, why not respect their feelings and stop hurting their feelings? However, unhealthy jealousy need not be encouraged. What is unhealthy jealousy? If you are a woman and if your man doesn’t like your friendship with Mr. X and always points out Mr. X’s weakness and minus points to you and never accepts Mr. X’s strengths and plus points then you may tag it as unhealthy jealousy. On the other hand if he can appreciate Mr. X’s plus points, then you may have to change a little for your man as he may have valid reasons to ask you to stay away from Mr. X.

Summary: Jealousy is a sign of intimate love. However it should be within the tolerable limits. Moreover, it should be a healthy jealousy. If your man or woman values you very much and yet feels insecure when you move with other man/woman, why not sacrifice your friendship for your intimate love? Healthy jealousy is good in a relationship. It’s good to be a jealous lover if you value your partner very much. Now, tell me, are you a jealous lover? Thanks for reading.

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