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How Much Money Do Bloggers Really Make? A Must Read for All Bloggers and Online Writers
Published By vijayanths on 2012-05-12 646 Views

Right or wrong, millions of bloggers are working hard worldwide with the hope to make big money one day. How many of them really succeed? How much money do bloggers really make? Is it worth to spend your precious time on blogging? Positive thinking and confidence in your work are good IF your goals are meaningful. Do we have definite blogging goals? Are our blogging goals achievable? Please keep reading…….

How many bloggers are there worldwide? It is estimated that there are about 500 million English language blogs and over 100 million other language blogs on the Internet. Chinese blogs are about 100 million. Let us say there are about 400 million bloggers worldwide and out of them 200 million may be active like you and me. How many of us are making at least $100 per month from blogging? How many hours do we spend in a month for blogging? Is it worth to spend our precious time on blogging? Is making money blogging a reality? Or is it just a mirage?

How much money do bloggers really make? Most bloggers are making mere pennies every month. About 99% of bloggers are probably making less than $5 per month. About 0.50% bloggers make between 5$ and $10 per month. And about 0.20% bloggers are able to make between $10 and $25. About 0.15% of bloggers are making between $25 and $50. Only 0.10% of bloggers are able to make Between $50 and $100 per month. You can conclude that about 0.05% bloggers make over $100 every month worldwide. About 20000 bloggers are making above $500 per month. How many Triond writers are making over $100 per month? I think 50 to 100 bloggers may be making a monthly income over $100 from Triond as of today.

Bottom line: Only professional bloggers can make real money from blogging. All others are blindly hoping to make decent money online without proper goals and action plans. However I still believe you can make big money blogging if you set meaningful goals and work hard towards achieving them. I don’t have any intention to discourage you.

Nevertheless I want you to be aware of the facts about the real earning potential of blogging. Good luck and happy blogging.

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