Introduction And Summary, Why Are They So Important For An Article?

If you are a blogger or online writer, you may be aware of the importance of a powerful introduction and summary in an article. Why a catchy introduction and a concise summary are so important in an article? Please keep reading…..

The importance of writing a powerful introduction: A catchy introduction is very important when you write an article online. Many people read the introduction fast and only if the introduction grab tier attention, they would proceed further into your article, otherwise they would simply bounce from your webpage. Google also loves a powerful introduction as it can understand understands what

is inside the article quickly. It will help Google to send targeted traffic to your articles. Google would also display most relevant advertisements on your blogs if you write a powerful introduction to your online article.

How to write a good introduction: You should start your article with a brief introduction that has essential information about the article. Your first sentence should be able to draw the readers spontaneously. Your introduction should quickly and concisely tell the essence

of your article. Suppose if your article is about Lady Gaga’s latest album, your introduction should convey that message strongly.

The importance of summary: Writing concise summary is also very important in an article. Please remember writing a powerful summary will help give your article additional visibility with most search engines.

How to write a concise summary? Your summary should not be too long; it should have about 2 to 4 sentences. It should have all the key points of the article; it should be like the essence of the article. Needless to say that Google love articles with concise summaries.

Summary: All good articles start with good introductions and end with concise summaries. In fact Google loves articles with powerful, catchy introductions and effective concise summaries. Needless to say that your articles will attract more traffic and subsequently your online earnings will also increase significantly. Thanks for reading.


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