Type Of Women Men Want To Marry: 15 Top Reasons

Well, you may think it depends on the man. It's true to some extent. A man from India would love to marry a kind of woman that a man from the USA would not. Besides, a young man may want a different kind of woman than the middle aged man. But we can discuss and find out the type of women majority of men would want to marry. Please keep reading....

1. Average looking woman: Many women think men want to marry the most beautiful women, but it's not true. They may love to date sexy and very beautiful women but

most men want to marry only average looking women.

2. Loving women: This is what every man might look for in a woman to marry. Men need love from their women more than women could imagine.

3. Caring: Men seem to need more emotional intimacy than women. Though women seem to be more emotional the fact of the matter is that men are very much dependent on the care of their women.

4. Woman who can raise his children well: Men want to marry women who would care for his children and raise them well.

5. Good at cooking: There is a popular saying" The way to a man's heart is through his stomach". So cooking his favorite foods will be a big turn on for many men.

6. Confident women: Who will not like confident women? But if the man is not enough confident he may hesitate to marry a woman who is much more confident than him.

7. Woman who loves his dear ones: Men want their women to love his family members, relatives and friends.

8. Woman who gives him his space: Man needs his space to spend time with his friends. He may like to work over time and if the woman understands it he would love her a lot. Men love women who don't suffocate them.

9. Faithful: It is one of the most important qualities a man would want in a woman.

10. Woman who appreciates him: A woman

who appreciates his physical strength and his talents will easily win his love.

11. Avoid nagging: A nagging woman would be a turn off to all men.

12. Good house keeping: Keeping the house clean and managing it is a special talent. Men would love women who have this talent.

13. Woman who provides satisfying sex: Women can influence men by providing them satisfying and fulfilling sex.

14. Unconditional love: Most men will become slaves to women who love them unconditionally. Women who can make their men feel like men are highly successful in influencing them.

15. Avoid trying to change him: Let him live with his plus and minus points. No one in this world is perfect including you. So avoid trying to change him to become a mister Perfect.

Bottom line: I know it's hard to have all these qualities. More qualities you have, more chances you have to win a man's love and influence him. If you are already married, these qualities could make your marriage happier and stronger. Thanks for reading.

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