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How to Hate Someone You Love
Published By vijayanths on 2011-12-29 3598 Views

I believe in love. God is love. Where there is love there is God. Hating is not really my cup of tea. Still, I am going to share with you my tips on how to hate someone you love. Unfortunately sometimes it becomes necessary to hate someone you love. It’s of course hard to do it. However you should hate the people you love if it’s essential. Please keep reading…..

Sometimes it’s good to hate someone you love: Life is full of surprises and shocks, ups and downs, good and bad, happiness and sorrow. Sometimes destiny plays in our lives and it becomes utterly necessary to start hating someone we love a lot. It can be anything, hating a friend, hating a relative, hating a parent, hating a brother, hating a sister or hating your lover. Breaking up a relationship is indeed hard and painful.

Breaking up is hard to do: In my opinion, nothing can be more painful than the breaking up of an intimate love relationship. You might not have opted to break up with your partner, yet you had to leave him/her. Breaking up is really hard to do. It’s indeed tough to cope with a break up. However you need to come out of it as soon as possible. Your ex is not the end of the road. You need to move on, the earlier the better. So, how to manage a break up?

Learn to hate your ex: Only thing, you should do to come out of the great pain and agony of the separation is learning to hate your ex. Your ex must have too many plus points; otherwise you would not have fallen for them. Yet, they must be having a few minus points too.

Say for example your ex may be having some horrible bad manners, you can think of them and try to develop hatred towards your ex. Think of their minus points as much as possible and soon you will be able to hate them. I used this method to forget an online friend who meant a lot to me a few months ago. It worked for me; it will work for you too.

Summary: No one can deny that there is nothing more meaningful than love in this world. Love is all that you need in life. Life without love is like a body without soul. However sometimes you need to learn to hate someone, you love with all your heart and soul. If your partner chooses to break up, you need to cope with it. You have to learn to hate your ex and come out of the agony of separation as soon as possible. Thanks for reading.

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