Predicting The Future With Various Divinatory Arts

Man is always curious to know about his future. Let him be the president of a country or a street beggar, he would long to know what destiny has in store for him. That’s why several divinatory arts have been practiced by almost all cultures and religions for thousands of years all over the world. Is it really possible to predict the future with divinatory arts such as astrology, numerology, tarot reading and palmistry? Please keep reading……

Too many divinatory arts practiced: Several divinatory arts are in practice to predict the future. Astrology, Numerology, Tarot reading, crystal ball, fortune- telling

and palmistry are the main arts used to predict the future across the world. Each art is different and has its own popularity among people. Indian Vedic astrology is different from Western astrology and Chinese astrology. Different Indian astrologers use different methods to cast horoscopes and predict the future. No two astrologers give similar predictions and that’s why astrology can’t be tagged as a science. However in my opinion ancient Indian Vedic astrology can never go wrong, it’s the astrologers that fail and not the astrology.

Other related arts:

People also practice other arts such as Feng shui, Vastu shastra, Graphology, Reiki healing and Gemology to improve their health, wealth and other fortunes.

So, what is the best art to predict the future? It’s really hard to conclude that a particular divinatory art is the best to predict the future. However, ancient Indian Vedic astrology in my opinion is the most reliable and accurate predictive system. It’s such a vast subject that it’s difficult for a person to master it in his lifetime. Yet, Indian astrology can be used to get better results than the other forms of divinatory arts.

Summary: People want to know about their future. Many divinatory arts such as astrology, numerology, palmistry and tarot reading are in practice to predict the future. However the ancient Indian Vedic astrology is the most reliable and accurate predictive system available today. Thanks for reading.


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