Top 15 Things To Do On The Internet-the Best Uses Of The Internet

Internet has many uses. People use Internet for different purposes according to their needs and interests. What are the Top 10 things to do on the Internet? Please keep reading………

1. Google search: This I think is the most important use of Internet for millions of people around the world. In particular Google search is much useful to me as I always prefer learning things on my own. So it has become easier for me to learn many things or to get the information I want with the help of the top search engine Google. Let it be about “dancing with

the starts2011, About Gaddafi, Michael Jackson, car insurance, benefits of green tea, how to prevent cancer, Shakira, ICC cricket world cup 2011, world’s most beautiful women, whatever, I get all the information within minutes. Google is indeed a boon for Internet users.

2. E mail: Internet has made it easy to send mails across the globe free of cost, in just within seconds. Imagine, how much paper, time and money are saved by this simple e mail facility that we are enjoying today.

3. Online banking : Internet banking has made our life easier. We can do most of our bank transactions online and there is no need to personally go to the bank.

4. Other online services: We can pay our bills such as telephone bills, electricity bills online and eventually save a lot of time as there is no need to go to the offices and wait in queues.

5. Online reservations: We can book our plane tickets , train tickets, bus and even movie tickets

6. Online Chatting: It is easy to chat with any one from any part of the world online free of cost. Today it is common that many people immigrate to other countries for various reasons such as higher education, better earnings and so on. They can chat with their family members even daily without having to spend anything extra for it. They are happy when they view their family members using web cams. On the other

hand some people chat for fun as well.

7. Blogging: Today many Internet users are into blogging. It is a kind of expressing their views to others. They mainly blog for fun and use it as a personal diary.

8. Online Shopping: Online shopping is becoming more and more popular these days. Today many Internet users prefer online shopping. They buy goods online from sites like Ebay and Amazon.

9. Job hunting: Millions of people are using Job sites such as Indeed, Monster to find their dream jobs.

10. Google map: Needless to say the immense uses of Google sattelite map.

11. Making money online: Internet is also useful for making money. See, we don’t have to invest money to make money on Internet-This is the biggest advantage of Internet home business. You will have to use your brain and spend your time to make money online. Making money with the comfort of sitting at home and working at the time convenient to you is really fantastic, is n’t it?

12. Finding new friends: You can find new friends worldwide using popular social sites such as FaceBook, Orkut, Twitter and My Space.

13. Online dating: Today some people use some popular dating sites to find their life partners.

14. Online games: Many Internet users play online games. It is a big entertainment for them. Some even play online casino games to make money.

15. Downloading music and videos: Many Internet users are downloading music, movies and videos, YouTube videos online free of cost.

Summary: Internet has many uses. I have just discussed about 15 main uses of it in this article. Thanks for reading.


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