How To Attract A Man And Influence Him For Ever: 15 Top Tips To Make Your Man Adore You


Most women give a lot of importance for love and relationship. Is there any woman who does not want to be loved and adored? To fall in love with her soul mate and live happily thereafter is the dream of every woman all over the world. So, how to make a man fall in love with you and stay in love forever? Please continue reading…….

Tips to make a man fall in love with you: It’s true that each man is different and some tips that work for a particular man may not work for another man. However there are a

few techniques that work for most men around the world and I honestly hope you will find them useful wherever you may be living.

1. Be confident about your appearance: Every woman is beautiful in her own way. You need not take great pains to make up your look. Moderate makeup can give you the best results. Many men don’t like women with heavy makeup. So never overdo it for heaven’s sake. However a clean body and clean dresses add to your overall personality significantly. Maintaining good oral hygiene can make you more attractive and desirable.

2. It’s all in how you carry yourself: If you have good manners and positive attitude, it will be a big turn on for any man. Be confident about your intellect and exhibit it at right time of course without overdoing it. Men love intelligent women. I would rather love an ordinary looking intelligent woman than a beautiful dumb woman.

3. Take good care of your man: Guys can’t live without the loving care of women. Men crave for the love and care women provide them.

4. Faithful women can influence their men: Many men are possessive of their women. Nothing can make a man adore and cherish his woman more than chastity. I have seen some faithful women having total control over their men. They can easily win their men and influence them forever.

5. Sense of humor plays a role: Men love humorous women. If you can’t crack a joke, at least you should be able to laugh at his jokes.

6. Playful teasing: Tease him playfully and have great fun with him, I am sure he will enjoy it totally.

7. Give him exciting sex: Give your man satisfying and fulfilling sex as it means a lot to men. Let him know that you enjoy it as much he does and make him feel like a king in bed.

8. Respect him: It’s important to respect your man through thick and thin. Most men have the so called manly ego and they can’t bear it if you disrespect them in any way.

9. Give him the best food: Try to be a good cook and serve him his

favorite foods. Remember that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

10. Respect his family: If you show respect to his family members, friends and relatives it will make him love you more.

11.Be his best friend forever: You should always be able to remain as his best friend all along your life.

12. Give him his space: Every man needs some time to spend with his friends. He may have his own ways of entertaining himself like watching a football match, playing golf etc.

13. Respect his interests: You can show interest on the things he is much interested, say you can watch a cricket match on television with him even though cricket is not your interest.

14. Take care of your looks even while at home: Many women try their best to look attractive to their men during the dating period. But once they start living together they take their men for granted and don’t give any importance to how they look when they are at home. You should take care to look beautiful even while staying at home together with your man.

15. Spend quality time with your man: We are living in a fast world. Both men and women have to work to live with more comforts. You may not find much time to spend with your man. However you can make the time you spend with him enjoyable and gratifying. In other words spend quality time with your man.

Summary: If you are a woman, you would long for your man to love you with all his soul, cherish you and adore you. You would want him to fall in love with you and stay in love for ever. I sincerely hope these powerful tips would help you to win your man’s heart and influence him forever. Thanks for reading.

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