The Difference Between Intelligence And Intellect

Although both the words ‘Intelligence’ and ‘Intellect’ seem to be similar, there are some differences between ‘Intelligence’ and ‘Intellect’. An intelligent man need not be intellectual and an intellectual person need not be intelligent. So, what is the difference between intelligence and intellect? Please keep reading…….

What exactly is intelligence? Intelligence is capacity to learn, capacity to understand, capacity to reason and the ability to grasp the truths. So, who is an intelligent person? One who quickly understand things, who is smart, who gains knowledge in a field can be called as an Intelligent person. Scientists, talented singers, great writers, poets,

good doctors, efficient engineers, good dancers, highly educated persons are all intelligent persons.

What exactly is intellect? Intellect uses intelligence to discriminate between the good and bad. It has a control over the mind and help a person to live the way he should live.

The Difference Between Intelligence and Intellect: I think we can understand the difference between intelligence and intellect with a few illustrations. Just imagine there is a great scientist who has invented something very useful to the mankind. But, unfortunately, he is a womanizer and gets AIDS. Now he is counting his last days. Is he not intelligent? He is intelligent but not intellectual. In other words, he doesn’t have the control over his mind and he has become a slave to his mind. His mind took control of his acts and eventually he has to pay for it in the end. You might remember the celebrities who could

not control their minds finally met with sad and miserable deaths. Are they not intelligent?

Summary: Though intelligence and intellect seem to be similar there is some difference between these two words. Intellectual person has a control over his mind and hence can have control over his actions. He can discriminate between good and bad and will do what he should do and will not do what he should not do. Thanks for reading.

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