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So, How to Get 1000 Page Views Per Day on Triond: How to Make $100 Per Month on Triond
Published By vijayanths on 2012-01-07 1937 Views

In my previous article, I was talking with you about making $100 per month on Triond. If you want to make $100 per month from Triond, you need at least 1000 page views per day. So, how to get 1000 page views on Triond daily? Please continue reading……

This article is in continuation of my previous article,
How to Make $100 Per Month From Triond: Real, Practical Tips for Triond Writers

Tips to get 1000 page views per day on Triond:

Choose to write on interesting topics: Articles on some topics get huge page views on Triond. Health articles, relationships articles, how to make money online kind of articles attract a good number of readers on Triond. If you are residing in the USA and if you can write about USA political news, you will get good page views. Anything you write about Triond attracts good readership. Sex definitely sells. It sells in a big way on Triond (personally I don’t want to attract readers using sex, but you can try if you want).

Give a catchy title for your article: This is very important. Most Internet users surf fast and they will not visit your articles unless your articles carry attractive titles. You are reading this article now as its title “So, how to get 1000 page views per day on Triond: How to make $100 per month on Triond” grabbed your attention, is n’t it?

Write quality content: There are two types of quality content. 1. Quality articles that are readers friendly and 2. Quality articles that are not readers friendly.
Quality articles that are not readers friendly: I can write an article on ” How to generate electricity from garbage?” giving technical details such as plant and machinery, plant lay out, production process with flow chart, line diagrams and so on. It’s a quality article of course, nobody can deny it, but who is going to read it? I can gain respect of my readers but not page views.

Quality articles that are readers friendly: You can write quality articles on to the point with simple words. But see that your article is interesting right from the top to the end. You can gain tons of page views with this kind of articles. Now, tell me you want just respect or page views, I leave it to you friends.

Provide some useful information to your readers: If you are writing about relationships, you can provide some useful relationship tips to your readers. My articles, “Why do relationships fail”, ” Top 10 Reasons Why Women Cheat-So, Why Do Women Cheat?” got thousands of page impressions because you found some useful information in those articles.

Size of your article: Please see that your article contains at least 300 words. Articles less than 300 words don’t attract traffic from top search engines.

Use powerful key words: Using powerful key words is very important to draw traffic from the search engines. For example, if you are writing an article on “the top writing sites on Internet”, how can you find the effective key words for this article? It’s simple. Just imagine what search words or phrases, you would use if you want to find an article that gives you the information about the best writing sites on Internet. You can also use Google ad words Keyword tool to find relevant keywords for your article.

Create inward back links: You can link to your other Triond articles by creating inward back links to them. For example, you saw at the top an inward link to one of my articles like this.
How to Make $100 Per Month From Triond: Real, Practical Tips for Triond Writers
Similarly you can create 4 to 5 inward links to your Triond articles to increase your page views.
Add as many active members as possible: Triond writers are getting major traffic from Triond. So you can add more Triond members, see that they are currently active on Triond. They may see your articles when published and may have a look at them.

Comment on other Triond articles: You need to comment regularly on other Triond articles. Most Triond writers comment on your articles if you comment on their articles.

Share your article with top social sites: Triond is already having huge traffic from Google. So it’s enough if you share your article with top social sites such as Twitter, FaceBook, Linkedin, Friendster, Yahoo Buzz, Stumble Upon, Digg, Technorati, Reddit, Google Buzz and Delicious.

Ping your articles: You can ping your articles with top pinging sites such as Google Blog search ping service, Bing and Ping-O-Matic.

Add images to your articles: Good relevant images can boost the page views significantly. Images add to the charm of the article. You can learn to get copyright free images for your articles from this article “How to get free images for your articles“. You can use key words in the image title.

Add videos: You can add YouTube videos to your article and improve its quality. You can use keywords in your video title.

Getting into popular and hot content: If your article can make it to the popular and hot content list, it will definitely get more page views. In particular, if your article gets to Hot content, it will make a big difference and you will get huge page impressions easily. But Triond writers have no clue about the algorithm Triond is using to choose the Hot content articles. Triond should reveal it, it should not be a secret. It will help the writers to compete with each other and create quality articles. Will Triond do it? It’s good for the Triond writers and for Triond.

How many articles needed to get 1000 page views?  Now last but not the least, we should know how many quality articles we would have to write to get 1000 page views. In my opinion , you will need to write 300 to 500 quality articles to get 1000 page views every day and to make $100 per month from Triond.

Summary: Let us set a goal to make $100 per month from Triond. To make $100 we need 1000 page views daily. I have tried my best to give you the information that could help you to get 1000 page views daily on Triond. I do hope you will find this article useful, thanks for reading and looking forward to your feed back.



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