What Are Ppc, Cpc, Cpm, Cpa, Cpl Ads? Tips For Bloggers

If you are an online writer you must be familiar of Google ads. Different types of ads such as PPC ads, CPC ads, CPM ads, CPA ads and CPL ads are displayed on web pages on millions and millions of web pages on Internet. What are PPC, CPC, CPM,CPA, CPL ads? I think every blogger or online writer should know about these ads. Please continue reading…..

PPC ads: PPC ads is Paid Per Click ads. This is what we see on our Triond web pages. If some reader clicks an ad, the writer(publisher) gets some reward that is credited into his/her

Google ad sense account. The advertiser pays for each click and hence it is called as Paid Per Click.

CPC ads: This is nothing but PPC ads. PPC ads is also called as CPC ads. CPC means Cost Per Click.

CPM ads: CPM means Cost Per Mille. CPM means cost paid for 1000 page views.

CPA ads: CPA means Cost per action. In this program the advertiser pays only when the visitor who clicks buys a product or services. If the visitor just clicks the ad but does not buy a product or service, then the advertiser will not pay

anything. Affiliate programs use CPA ads. Affiliate program is a great way of making money online.

CPL ads: CPL means Cost per lead. Here even if the visitor does not buy any product or service, the advertiser pays for the lead itself. Some affiliate marketers use CPL ads.

Summary: I think as online writers we should know about these ads. If you are having your own blog and working hard to make money from Google ad sense program, the knowledge about these ads will be very much useful. Thanks for reading.

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