The Top Advantage Of Triond Over Hubpages

Triond and Hubpages are two popular writing sites on the World Wide Web today. Both sites have their own advantages and disadvantages. HubPages is too strict with their policies while Triond is too liberal and in my opinion both are not favorable to the writers. Triond has a few advantages over Hubpages. Please keep reading…

HubPages: I would say that HubPages is undoubtedly a better site than Triond in terms of quality of articles, traffic and earnings. However its traffic is falling significantly after it started imposing strict publishing rules after the Google panda updates. They often ask you to moderate

your hubs even when there is absolutely no need for it. The site very often says your hub needs moderation as it contains Watermarked, Pixalated images or videos. You know very well that videos and pictures can add quality to your article. Even if you add legal images and YouTube videos to your hubs, they ask you to remove them. In some articles the videos and images act like pillars to a building. HubPages blindly follows certain ridiculous rules that made many writers leave the site in the recent days.

Bloggers whose Google ad sense disabled: Many Triond writers lost Google ad sense account after the Google panda updates, though most of

them didn’t do anything against Google policies. The only mistake they would have done probably is integrating their Google ad sense account with Triond. Nevertheless we can still make money on Triond without Google ad sense account. That’s the greatest plus point in writing for Triond.

Triond has an edge over Hubpages: Yes, You can make money on Triond without Google ad sense whereas you can’t earn anything without Google ad sense on HubPages. Like Triond, Hubpages also was hit badly by the Google panda updates. In my opinion, HubPages will lose its popularity in future if it continues its strict policies.

Summary: Triond has a big advantage over Hubpages. You can make money even without Google ad sense. Google goes on disabling too many accounts these days. Triond is a boon for those who lost their Google ad sense accounts and needless to say that they will find Triond useful for making money writing. Thanks for reading.

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